Finally… the ANSWER to all your mama exhaustion, and you don’t have to do it by yourself.

The Mama Bear Approach 1:1 Sleep Training Support

—a tailor-made, culture-friendly, science-based rescue mission to calm everyone’s fears and get you and your baby sleeping through the night like normal, happy, healthy human beings.  

Perfect for the exhausted Mama (and Daddy) who have lots of questions and need personalized support from a trusted and experienced guide.

Sleep Training that’s FAST, customized, and EASY.


  • Find out the cause of your baby’s sleep issues.

  • Teach your child to self-soothe.

  • Get your child sleeping on their own.

…in 1 week or LESS.


This Package Includes:

A Comprehensive Sleep Management Program

Answer a few questions so that we can understand what’s going on with your baby’s sleep patterns right now

We’ll create a customized sleep training program to address the problem areas so you can get back to sleep FAST.


60 minute Q&A Session with your Sleep Specialist - Neha Naik - to go over the program

Believe me, you’ll want to ask questions. 😉

Your sleep specialist will address your concerns, clarify any confusion, and help ensure that you and your spouse are on the same page before implementing the plan.

You’ll walk away with confidence and tools to address whatever curveballs your baby throws at you during the transition.


1 Week Of Text Support To Address Any Issues And Ensure Sleep Training Success

Just because you’re on board with this new lifestyle, it doesn’t mean your baby got the memo just yet.

That’s okay! We will help you make sure baby is safe, well-cared-for, and comfortable so that you can stick with the plan and start seeing results as quickly as possible.

Your sleep specialist is available to answer questions, calm your anxieties, and hold you accountable all week long

Also includes our additional resources:

  • Up-to-date sleep guidelines
  • Sample sleep schedules
  • Resources on how to tackle sleep regressions
  • Deciphering different types of cries

Membership to our Healthy Sleep Happy Mamas Facebook Support Group (for 90 days)

Answers for unique issues and community camaraderie.

Bi weekly live Q&A with Neha (Wednesdays at TIME) to ask specific questions and get personalized support.

Why should you commit to 1:1 Sleep Training Support right now?

So many of the mamas who work with me to get healthier sleep for themselves and their babies wish they would have done it sooner.

They’re amazed that it can take less than one week to start sleeping through the night and begin developing a lifetime of healthy sleep habits.

We guarantee that the information in your comprehensive sleep management program will be age appropriate, safe for your babies and tots, and 100% backed by science.There is no better time than right now to make a healthy change for you and your family.

We address the benefits of sleep training for your child now and in the future. And we provide all the right information that applies to you and your child right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why are you the best fit for my baby?

When it comes to your baby’s health, don’t opt for middle terms: choose the highest quality of service. Drawing on my years of experience and training which includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and a Master’s in Medical Sciences, I have invested years researching and studying the science of sleep. I have worked with families in the same situation as yours. As a professional and, most importantly, a mother, I understand the importance of uninterrupted sleep. We live in a very judgemental society but if you work with me, I will recommend solutions based on your comfort and lifestyle. There is no judgement – only kindness and support.

Can I sleep-train and keep night time feeds?

Of course. My Sleep management program will teach your baby to fall asleep without you around if a feeding time is not needed. If your child requires night time feedings, I fully support that. The concept here isn’t to starve your child but to differentiate between genuine hunger and feeding-to-sleep as a means of self soothing. I work with you to help instill healthy sleep hygiene and get rid of comfort feeds. You can definitely keep your baby well fed when they are genuinely hungry while following my instructions!

When can I start sleep training?

I have worked with babies aged 4 weeks all the to 5 years. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can start when you and your family are ready. As long as your child is gaining weight and height and has been cleared by the pediatrician – you can start. Remember, just because you sleep train doesn’t mean that the baby cannot have night feedings – you can still continue night feedings if the baby is too small to sleep through the night. When you do start, consistency is key- so make sure that you can dedicate a few nights to the process.

I hate hearing my child cry. Is there a sleep training method for parents like me?

My gentle sleep training methods are a perfect fit for your needs: You can choose from a wide array of strategies and see which one makes you feel better about the brand new independent and happy sleep journey you’re about to embark on.

Will sleep training make my baby feel abandoned?

All my sleep management programs are the safest choice for your bundle of joy: It only happens when your baby is feeling tired, with appropriate wake times in place and in the context of complete safety. Want more evidence? You’ll notice your baby or toddler will express themselves by means of crying or whining when they are hungry or need your attention even if they stopped crying at night and nap time. Sleep training does the opposite of making your child feel abandoned – it instills healthy and safe boundaries while increasing the quality of sleep for both parents and children.

I think my baby might just be too stubborn for this. What do I do?

I have had many high needs babies, and I can assure you that the outcome is positive! Moreover, this might just be the best choice you make for your child as they are easily stimulated and very perceptive. You might even notice that once they hit their sleep targets, you will see less of the clingy and cranky behavior that you see now and more of the calmer, happier behavior.

How long does the process take?

It really depends on the type of program you choose, but typically it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 nights to see drastic improvements. It is all about consistency and believing in yourself and your child.

You’re ready for this, Mama!

I’ll make sure that your family understands the process from a scientific perspective and knows that you’re doing all of this for your baby, not for selfish reasons. 

In my experience, families notice the benefits almost immediately, and they agree that a happy healthy mom and baby makes all the difference in the world.  Your parents were right. This is your life now.

It’s ALL about the baby. 

Let’s make it better—together.