Get Sound Sleep – in two weeks or less!

Say good (night) to mama exhaustion with our scientific, comfort based approach to sleep training.

There is no better time than right now to make a healthy change for you and your family.

You know you have a problem, but everyone else seems to think this is totally normal.

You have to make sure your baby’s physical and emotional needs are met safely and humanely in a way that takes into account your comfort level and your culture

The weight of that responsibility can be a little overwhelming. Believe me… I know.

You need a scientific, comfort-based approach to healthy sleep that fits your lifestyle and unites your family. 

Here’s how I can help!

The Mama Bear Approach 1:1 Sleep Training Support

—a tailor-madeculture-friendlyscience-based rescue mission to calm everyone’s fears and get you and your baby sleeping through the night like normal, happyhealthy human beings.  

Perfect for the exhausted Mama (and Daddy) who have lots of questions and need personalized support from a trusted and experienced guide.

The Bear Necessities! Courses for the DIY Mom

— A culture-inclusive, family-friendly, science-based, comprehensive, life-changing guide to your new lifestyle of healthy sleep

Perfect for moms who are ready to take action and don’t need hand-holding to get the job done.

Hi, I’m Neha Naik.

When I finally took the next step to teach my baby healthy sleep habits, I was all alone in my beliefs. 

I knew that babies could sleep through the night. I knew that I was exhausted and couldn’t go another sleep-deprived day.

  • I made it a goal to invest in the science behind sleep care and management for children.
  • I leveraged my scientific background to concentrate on a formal study and certification for sleep consulting.
  • I sleep trained my 4 month old son in just a few nights! 
  • I was able to show my family that a happy, healthy mom and baby starts with consistently great sleep. 
  • And I went on to start my sleep training consultancy where I’ve helped countless mamas get their sleep and sanity back with my science-based, comfort-hierarchy approach. 

You’re ready for this, Mama!

In my experience, families notice the benefits almost immediately, and they agree that a happy healthy mom and baby makes all the difference in the world.  

Let’s make it better—together.