Our Programs

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FSA/HSA Approved!

Did you know that my services are HSA and FSA eligible? That’s right!

More employers every year are moving to a high-deductible HSA/FSA plans. They’ve finally realized that for moms and dads to be more productive at work, they need better sleep.

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Vision statement:

Enhancing the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in every household.

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Mission Statement

Create a judgement free zone for families struggling with sleep dependencies by establishing healthy sleep hygiene and creating positive sleep associations.

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Why is it important to establish healthy sleep habits?

1. Children learn the importance of autonomy and discipline

2. Children learn to respect healthy boundaries

3. Parents learn that quality of time spent with a well rested child builds healthier bonds

4. Self soothing is a skill that translates to other areas of the child’s life as they grow

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Helping families sleep through the night.

Safe – Sound – Sleep

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Our Programs

Personalized Sleep Training

Every plan includes the following:

  • Free 20 Minute Consultation
  • Personalized Sleep Management Program
    • A detailed PDF document with easy to follow steps based on our discovery call
    • 30 minute follow up call to review your plan along with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss next steps
  • Unlimited support via email and phone

Additional resources provided with each plan:

  • Up-to-date sleep guidelines
  • Sample sleep schedules
  • Resources on how to tackle sleep regressions
  • Deciphering different types of cries
  • Support for family – I can speak to your family and educate them on the importance of sleep for you and your child

We are resuming our in-person consults and services with utmost safety and care

While my services extend globally to those in need, I am excited to be able to consult with you and your family at your home if you are located in the Greater Houston Area. Schedule a 15 minute call by clicking the link below to see if this is something you are interested in. A lot of families have benefitted from at home consults as I am there to guide you every step of the way. I adhere to all COVID19 safety guidelines.

I work with children between 6 weeks and 7 years of age

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The Snuggly Bear 

Comprehensive Sleep Management Program

60 minute Q&A session to go over the program

Video/Phone/Text assistance on night 1 with help until 6:30am

Video support on night 2 from 7 pm – 10:30 pm

Video/phone/text support for 14 days

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The Cuddly Bear

Comprehensive Sleep Management Program

45 minute Q&A session to go over the program

Video/phone assistance on night 1 and night 2 until 11 pm 

Video/phone/text support for 10 days

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The Teddy Bear

Comprehensive Sleep Management Program

30 minute Q&A session to go over the program

Phone/text support for 7 days

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The Golden Cub Experience


This inclusive package includes everything listed in the Snuggly Bear Package and allows you to tailor your time with me for when you need it the most! The Sleepy Cub VIP experience includes 21 days of 24/7 support via email and phone AND an additional three 30 minute video consultations. You can use this time after your 2 weeks of unlimited support or you can bank it for common regressions associated with social and developmental changes such as: potty training, change in food habits, addition of siblings, etc.

3 days of video support
21 days months of ongoing support


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The Bear Essentials Sleep Management Program

Investment : $250

This program is for you if you:

  • Comprehend the basics of sleep training
  • Don’t require much hand holding
  • Are able to work through instructions and stay consistent with the plan without my help
  • Aren’t nervous about sleep training

This package includes:

A 15 minute Sleep Management Program walk through which includes easy to follow instructions on how to use the program for your infant or toddler (via audio or video call)
An intake form so that I can learn about your current sleep struggles
Personalized, custom-made and detailed sleep management program uploaded within 12 hours of request
Sleep, activity and feeding tracker for proper sleep schedule diagnosis
4 days of email/text support from 6 am to 8 pm CST
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