Getting your child on a sleep schedule seems simple but in reality, it’s not.

If it were, we’d all be getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night! The challenge is that books and online articles are written for the general public. To fast track the process of your child’s sleep schedule, your family needs a plan tailored to YOUR unique child, built around your routines and home environment. Neha Naik can personally guide you through each step.

My story

Meet Neha Naik

Houston, Texas is home sweet home, but my services for families in need extend across the globe.

I work with children from birth to age 5, drawing on my years of experience and training which includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and a Master’s in Medical Sciences.

As a certified Sleep Consultant, I know the importance of a good night’s sleep. As a mother of two, I’ve lived through the nightmare of sleep deprivation. I know exactly how you’re feeling right now because I have been there. I’ve experienced many times how the long nights can push you to your emotional breaking point, and I’ve seen through teary eyes how a tired baby struggles the next day.

I have two kids – a 3 year old toddler and an infant daughter.

My first go at this as a frustrated mother was when my first born started waking up every hour on the dot at four months. I dealt with it like most of us guilt ridden by society do – wake up, comfort feed, try to rock him and ultimately let him fall asleep on me just so I could rest my eyes. The sleep deprivation was affecting me – mentally, emotionally and physically.

That all changed.

As a result, I made it a goal to invest in the science behind sleep care and management for children. I leveraged my scientific background to concentrate on a formal study and certification for sleep consulting. As a mother constantly getting different opinions, I felt guilty – but it was clear in a few nights that sleep science wins over emotional reaction. My son started sleeping through the night from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am and took long naps – like clockwork! This helped his cognitive development, emotional well-being and helped him achieve key milestones. In addition, it gave us parents peace of mind and quality time together.

Fast forward to about 3 years later when I sleep trained my daughter, I did it in as little as two days. Yes, two days. Like you, many of my friends with little ones wondered how. I started getting calls asking for my advice and the results they experienced were just as life changing. They started becoming better moms because a happy mom is a happy baby!

You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. 

Sleep (or lack thereof) is a common issue moms and dads face, but it’s seldom talked about for fear of looking like a bad parent. Maybe you’re choosing the wrong method or maybe family members will disagree. I understand completely.

I come from a traditional Indian family where sleep training was considered taboo…but my scientific background told me differently. I knew the dangers of sleep deprivations (for me, my husband and my baby!) and I thoroughly researched the effects of sleep training before beginning a plan for my own children. 

While he may not have been on board to start, my husband is now my biggest supporter! And my mom, who was very much against sleep training, now agrees that making that choice for my family was the right one. I was able to show them how a happy mom and happy baby can make all the difference in the world.

I would love to do the same for you.

My clients appreciate the fact that my sleep programs are set based on mutually agreed emotional and physical parameters. I will work with your pace and your lifestyle. I encourage and advise on both gentler and intermediate methods.

This is a judgement-free, safe space for all parents and children who are struggling.

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