How does The Sleepy Cub help?

We believe that healthy sleep is a combination of your beliefs and long-term goals for your family and our scientific, supportive, comfort-based approach to developing healthy sleep habits.

Our approach prioritizes your…


Using our Comfort Scoring Quiz we focus on understanding your current beliefs around sleep habits and how you envision your family’s sleep practice long term. 

From this we structure a personalized Confident Sleep Design Technique to help you take the first step in building sleep habits that fit your family and your life without using one-size-fits-all tactics.

We connect this customized evaluation to your family sleep plan, which allows you to reduce internal and external tension that so many families face when trying to navigate sleep hygiene.

Our scientifically validated and safe techniques set your family up for success by tailoring your culture and diversified needs into your entire sleep process. 

We arm you with our Beary Easy Toolkit to allow you to prepare for and navigate through any situation so that you can confidently set your family up for success!

We make sure you have the confidence to:

 – Talk to your spouse about healthy sleep habits

 – Calm the anxiety you have around getting your baby to sleep

 – Maintain a healthy bedtime routine

 – Implement sleep habits with other siblings

 – Address room sharing

 – Have healthy sleep even on vacation


We take a Comfort Hierarchy Approach into account for the best and healthiest sleep habits.

The Comfort Hierarchy Approach focuses on leveraging your entire family’s strengths in your customized sleep plan, allowing you to develop healthy sleep habits the whole family can feel confident and comfortable implementing.

By prioritizing your comfort level, we are able to create a more balanced and sustainable environment of healthy sleep that incorporates your family’s diverse and cultural needs.


With your Comfort Sleep Plan in place, it’s time to implement.

Helping your child adapt to new sleep habits can feel overwhelming and exhausting. That’s why we approach your sleep concerns holistically.

We combine our science-based approach with a powerful Mindset Bonding Process to allow you to conquer even the smallest setbacks and account for your child’s ever-changing needs.

We believe mindset matters. When you are well-rested, you are able to have better relationships with yourself, your baby, your spouse and other family members. And better rest gives you the confidence to talk to your loved ones about the benefits of healthy sleep.

Our process addresses common concerns surrounding modern sleep habits and allows you to replace the negative emotions with a powerful opportunity to bond with and support your child.

Meet Our Team

Neha Naik – Certified Sleep Consultant

My Story…

Houston, Texas is home sweet home, but my services for families in need extend across the globe.

I work with children from birth to age 5, drawing on my years of experience and training which includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and a Master’s in Medical Sciences.

But I wasn’t always so confident…

When I was a new mom, my family (including my husband) had different opinions about what nighttime should look like.

I tried to make everyone happy, but it soon became clear that my baby and I were suffering from the effects of poor sleep. 

I was declining mentally, emotionally, and physically, so I had to make a change. 

I made it a goal to invest in the science behind sleep care and management for children.

I leveraged my scientific background to concentrate on a formal study and certification for sleep consulting.

And then things started to change…

My son started sleeping through the night from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am and took long naps – like clockwork! This helped his cognitive development, emotional well-being and helped him hit key milestones.

And it gave us parents peace of mind and quality time together.

I started getting calls from sleepy moms asking for my advice and the results they experienced were just as life changing.

They became better moms too because a happy mom is a happy baby!

While he may not have been on board to start, my husband is now my biggest supporter! And my mom, who was very much against sleep training, now agrees that making that choice for my family was the right one. I was able to show them how a happy mom and happy baby can make all the difference in the world.

Your sleepless nights end here…