The six best nursing chairs for 2020 are nicely reviewed in this post. They made our list due to their affordability, comfort, and plethora of good-to-have features. 

Are you thinking about adding a nursing chair to your baby nursery? If yes, then you may be in doubt about what to choose. Is a glider or a rocker the best option for you? Can I find a high-quality chair with footrest?

The options are endless, and the headache of choosing something top-notch is exhausting. 

If you’re scouting for something comfortable, easy to use, and of high-quality, then this list is for you.

Griffin Glider and Ottoman
Griffin Glider and Ottoman

Most Easy to Assemble: Griffin Glider and Ottoman

Affordability and ease of use make the Griffin Glider and Ottoman one of the best nursing chairs for any nursery. 

Being a comfy chair with a small footprint, it’s the ideal addition to any compact baby nursery. 

The chair requires only a small amount of assembly, and the cushions are 100% machine-washable.

Undoubtedly, you’ll spend countless nights rocking your baby to sleep in this chair.  

The best part? Regardless of your nursery decor and style, this chair will nicely complement any room as it’s available in fourteen different colors, including grey, espresso, and beige.

I love my new glider. It is so comfortable and a really pretty addition to my room. It was fairly simple to put together. I’m seriously thinking of getting another one for my front room. – Eileen

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Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion
Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion

Most Affordable: Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion

The Angel Line Windsor Glider offers an almost noiseless, smoother ride that’s perfect for those nursing nights. 

It comes with a generous seating room with padded arms and pockets for storage. Everything that you need to have close at hand during a feed, such as bibs, swaddle blankets or water bottles, you can place it in the storage pockets. 

Moms-to-be would greatly appreciate the perfect amount of decline that this chair has, giving nice back support. 

You can use the ottoman to lift your knees and bring the baby closer to you. When you no longer need the chair, you can discreetly tuck it away. 

And did we also mention that it’s suitable for smaller, more compact nurseries? Or that it only costs $139? 

All in all, mothers can easily see themselves spending some sleepless nights in this nursing chair. 

So comfy and cute. After searching for a glider for a reasonable price for months, we picked this for our daughter’s nursery, and thankfully, it doesn’t squeak or malfunction in any way! It’s definitely a great deal, so glad we bought it. – Emily

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Dutailier Sleigh Frame Glider and Ottoman

Most Feature-Packed: Dutailier Sleigh Frame Glider and Ottoman

Artistically and masterfully crafted by hand, the Dutailier Sleigh Frame Glider is ideal for cuddling with your baby for hours on end.

What makes this item one of the best nursing chairs for the nursery is that it comes equipped with all features you’ll need for a comfortable and convenient pregnancy and motherhood. It comes with a high backrest, padded armrests, and spacious seat, and ergonomically-designed padded cushions.

The chair’s highlight is its long motion glide, making it perfect for rocking, nursing, and putting your baby to sleep. 

Moreover, it also features a multi-position lock mechanism and 45° reclining backrest so you can glide while in a reclined position.

Rocking your baby to sleep just got a little easier with this top-notch, high-end nursing chair. 

We LOVE this chair!! It is so comfy and versatile and matches our decor perfectly. Worth the money, in my opinion. Can’t wait to hold our little baby girl in it! – Emily

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Ann Swivel Reclining Glider
Ann Swivel Reclining Glider

Most Modern: Ann Swivel Reclining Glider

All you’ll want to do in this chair is fall asleep. The fabric is really soft, the swivel function gives a smooth gliding motion, and the leg rest makes breastfeeding overly comfortable.

It’s a top-notch chair that’s perfect for soothing your baby to sleep, reading, or watching TV. 

Available in a wide range of colors, including grey and mocha, this nursing chair can nicely complement any nursery decor. 

Overall, if you want to add value to your room and enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and motherhood, this chair is an attractive choice.

The Ann Manual Recliner nicely reclines if you wish to take a nap or want to relax and watch a movie. This chair is so beautiful, and the style is very modern traditional and classic country, all in one. It exceeded all of my expectations. – Jennifer

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DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider
DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider

Most Comfortable: DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider

Relax with maximum comfort and enjoy the precious bonding moments with your baby in this DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider.

What makes this item one of the best nursing chairs for parents is its high back that lets you rest your head when you’re nursing the baby at odd hours of the night.

It also features a 360 swivel motion, forward and backward gliding function, and pop-up leg rest so that you can enjoy motherhood in pure comfort and convenience. 

The material is high-quality and soft, while the chair’s overall design goes well with any nursery decor. 

We love our new chair! It looks great in our baby room and is very comfortable. It reclines all the way into a lying position and also glides nicely. – Anna

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Delta Children Epic Swivel Glider
Delta Children Epic Swivel Glider

Most Casual: Delta Children Epic Swivel Glider

If you’re looking to add a casual element to your laid-back nursery, look no further than the Delta Children Epic Swivel Glider. 

Nicely padded, the chair features a gentle swivel and glide mechanism for utmost comfort while breastfeeding or putting the baby to sleep. 

Featuring a supportive back and sturdy wood frame for long usage, this glider is upholstered in a super-soft fabric with a matching wrap-around skirt that will nicely complement any nursery.

All in all, this chair will undoubtedly create a cozy environment, suitable for relaxing, reading, and nursing. 

I love these chairs – exactly what I was looking for! Swivel and rock gently & quietly. They fit perfectly in our space. Not too big or too small. – Michelle

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And voila! This was our top six list of some of the best nursing chairs for the nursery. 

I dare say that if you make the right choice, purchasing a baby nursing chair may turn out to be your best baby-related purchase. Whichever item you choose, I’m certain that it will bring comfort and style to snuggle time in your nursery.