The (Virtual) Dream Team
In-home visits are temporarily on hold, but remotely you and I can connect to create a uniquely tailored sleep program for your child! I will be your guide through this journey, fully accessible through your phone or iPad. Sleep issues don’t take a break. If you’re feeling additional stress at this time, we can still work together through Skype or phone to help you and your child get the sleep you both need.


Many parents feel a certain sense of relief knowing that most symptoms of COVID-19 in children are mild. But with so many uncertainties surrounding us, caution is the best practice.

Along with avoiding groups, playgrounds and staying 6 feet apart, here are some tips to help keep your child safe during this time:

● Keep Their Hands Clean: It’s the most obvious one, but the most important! Sing a 20-second song or play a fun game of Simon Says to keep your child’s attention (and to make sure they’ve washed their hands correctly). Find fun ways to make this a family activity.

● Wipe Down Surfaces: High-traffic areas in your home carry the most germs. Try to clean and disinfect these places daily:
○ Door Knobs & handles
○ Light switches
○ Remotes
○ Ipads and phones
○ Toilets
○ Sinks
○ Tables
○ Plastic or wooden chairs

● Laundry Time: Wash clothing and stuffies on the warmest setting recommended and make sure each item is fully dried.

● Cloth masks: The CDC recommends that children age 2 and older wear a cloth mask outside of the home to help prevent spreading the virus to others.

● If you or anyone in your home begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, especially cough, fever or difficulty breathing, contact your doctor or healthcare provider.