Mamas! You’ve tried every DIY to get your child sleeping through the night. Your baby’s health and safety is your #1 priority. But if you care so much about doing what’s best, why has nothing worked?

The problem isn’t you. It’s the solution.

You need a scientific, comfort-based approach to healthy sleep that fits your lifestyle and unites your family. 

Start sleeping through the night (EVERY NIGHT) along with your little-ones, and remind the nay-sayers you told them so!!!

Check out the classes below to see which one is the best fit for you.

Newborn 0-15 weeks – $97 USD

In this comprehensive E-book and video lesson, you’ll get all the science-based info you need to establish a healthy sleep foundation for your family along with tips for enjoying the newborn stage!

  • Establish a healthy sleep foundation
  • Sleep tips for your newborn
  • Sample schedules and bedtime routines
  • Recommended products (Sleep sacks, Owlet, Co-sleeper, Dock-a-tot)
  • Encouragement to enjoy this newborn stage
  • Email support for 30 days
  • Access to the Healthy Sleep Happy Mamas Facebook Support group for 90 days.

Baby – 4-16 months – $227 USD

Everything that you need to create healthy sleep habits for you and your baby with ease!

  • Complete DIY sleep training online course, including 6 video modules and printable worksheets
  • Sample sleep schedule
  • Nap time tips
  • Tools for when your baby is sick, time changes, regressions, etc. 
  • Email support for 30 days
  • Access to the Healthy Sleep Happy Mamas Facebook Support group for 90 days.

Toddler – 17 months – 5+ years – $227 USD

Everything that you need to create healthy sleep habits for you and your baby with ease!

  • Complete DIY sleep training online course, including 6 video modules and printable worksheets
  • Sample sleep schedule
  • Nap time tips
  • Tools for when your baby is sick, time changes, regressions, etc. 
  • Email support for 30 days
  • Access to the Healthy Sleep Happy Mamas Facebook Support group for 90 days.

You’ve spent night after night scrolling for answers and skimming chapters, but so far you’ve just found empty promises or unrealistic tips, tricks, and timelines to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.  

This is all on you. It’s your #1 priority. But you’re exhausted and running out of optimism. 

You’re starting to think this is as good as it’s gonna get. 

Maybe your in-laws were right….







(for the next 18 years… give or take)

What?! No!!!!

You still have a little hope left that life can be better than this—that you can and will enjoy your motherhoodeven in these early years. 

But if the answer is really as accessible as a DIY course, why hasn’t anything worked?

It’s because… 

The other options didn’t take you and your culture into account.

Your baby didn’t fit in any of their categories. 

They didn’t show you how to play to your family’s strengths

They ignored the importance of your family’s role in the healthy sleep process and put all the responsibility on YOU to deliver results.

They offered ZERO accountability. 

There was no community aspect. 

They promised fast and easy, but you needed doable and long-term.

And not once did anyone help you convince your skeptical family members!

I felt the same, hopeless, helpless way.

 As a new mom with strong ties to my Indian/Asian culture, I imagined my babies would wake and sleep exactly how they were supposed to—all on their own. Sleep is a natural part of life, right?

But my babies had other ideas…

They didn’t learn how to self soothe on their own. 

They didn’t start sleeping through the night when they ate solids. 

They didn’t learn the difference between night and day when they got a little older. 

They didn’t take a nap when they needed one. 

I wanted a manual for a happy, healthy life with kids, but everyone was telling me that exhaustion was just a normal part of motherhood. Sleep would happen if-and-when it happened. 

And somehow, that was supposed to be enough. 

But as a new mom, my job was to take care of my babies, and I didn’t feel like I was doing that very well at all. 

My family valued medical science, but they were cautious about trendy or hokey sleeping arrangements that they believed could risk my baby’s health.  

So I learned the science.  

I stated my case. 

I followed through with my plan.

I included them in the process. 

I added a Sleep Consultant Certification to my Masters in Medical Sciences degree. 

And I proved to them that we were ALL happier and healthier when we had better sleep.

I want the same life-changing results for you.

That’s why I combined my personal experience, medical know-how, & sleep training expertise to transform your family’s sleep habits with…

 The Bear Necessities!

— A culture-inclusive, family-friendly, science-based, comprehensive, life-changing guide to your new lifestyle of healthy sleep

Perfect for moms who are ready to take action and don’t need hand-holding to get the job done.

This course is the all-in-one solution to your late-night scrolling sessions trying to piece together information that wasn’t even made for you in the first place.  

  • Choose from three course options to get all the age-appropriate information for your infant/baby/child. 
  • Grab your popcorn and heat up a bottle while you binge the easy-to-digest video lessons.
  • Take notes on the step-by-step (no-stones-left-unturned) sleep training process
  • Pause for diaper changing. 🤣
  • Push play and make a list of reasons why your family should get on board. 
  • Better yet, call your family over and make it a movie night to share the info!
  • Watch their reactions as the science-based, comfort-hierarchy approach hits its mark. 
  • Join the Healthy Sleep Happy Mamas Facebook Support group (free 90 day membership with course purchase) for unique issues and community camaraderie. 
  • Pencil in the bi weekly live Q&A with Neha (Wednesdays at TIME) to ask specific questions and get personalized support. 
  • Check your inbox for daily motivational emails and tips to speed up the process. 

Drop Neha an email with any specific questions or concerns (email support included for __ days).

The Bear Necessities 

Course Overview

Module 1: Intro to Sleep Training

(An overview of our science-based, comfortable approach to healthy sleep.) 

You’ll gain a solid understanding of what sleep training is, how it works with your culture, what to do about night feedings, how much crying is too much, and which soothers are okay for bedtime. 

Module 2: Prep, Prep, Prep

This is all about setting the stage for healthy sleep. We’ll talk about how to get everyone in the family on board and involved in the sleep training process and how to prepare yourself to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle shift. 

Module 3: Understanding Sleep Patterns

Have doubters in the family? Have them watch this module along with you. We talk about how to tailor your baby’s sleep habits to their natural sleep patterns. Baby’s needs are met humanely and scientifically to give them the best and happiest childhood. 

Module 4: Sleep Training Methods

Your comfort level takes precedence in this module. You can choose how gentle or how firm your sleep training will be. Don’t worry, we keep your baby’s comfort in mind too. Every method in this module is safe, scientific, and comfort-based.

Module 5: Naps

We’ll cover all the bases and fill all the gaps in this module. You’ll learn how to get the most out of naptime and ensure your baby is getting just the right amount of sleep, day and night. 

Module 6: Common Obstacles

Ever wonder what to do about sleep regressions? Teething? Feedings? Sickness? Traveling? Unsupportive family? Maintaining your sleep habits with daycare in the mix? We’ll talk about all of those common obstacles in this module. (Still have questions? That’s what the FB group is for!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why are you the best fit for my baby?

When it comes to your baby’s health, don’t opt for middle terms: choose the highest quality of service. Drawing on my years of experience and training which includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and a Master’s in Medical Sciences, I have invested years researching and studying the science of sleep. I have worked with families in the same situation as yours. As a professional and, most importantly, a mother, I understand the importance of uninterrupted sleep. We live in a very judgemental society but if you work with me, I will recommend solutions based on your comfort and lifestyle. There is no judgement – only kindness and support.

Can I sleep-train and keep night time feeds?

Of course. My Sleep management program will teach your baby to fall asleep without you around if a feeding time is not needed. If your child requires night time feedings, I fully support that. The concept here isn’t to starve your child but to differentiate between genuine hunger and feeding-to-sleep as a means of self soothing. I work with you to help instill healthy sleep hygiene and get rid of comfort feeds. You can definitely keep your baby well fed when they are genuinely hungry while following my instructions!

When can I start sleep training?

I have worked with babies aged 4 weeks all the to 5 years. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can start when you and your family are ready. As long as your child is gaining weight and height and has been cleared by the pediatrician – you can start. Remember, just because you sleep train doesn’t mean that the baby cannot have night feedings – you can still continue night feedings if the baby is too small to sleep through the night. When you do start, consistency is key- so make sure that you can dedicate a few nights to the process.

I hate hearing my child cry. Is there a sleep training method for parents like me?

My gentle sleep training methods are a perfect fit for your needs: You can choose from a wide array of strategies and see which one makes you feel better about the brand new independent and happy sleep journey you’re about to embark on.

Will sleep training make my baby feel abandoned?

All my sleep management programs are the safest choice for your bundle of joy: It only happens when your baby is feeling tired, with appropriate wake times in place and in the context of complete safety. Want more evidence? You’ll notice your baby or toddler will express themselves by means of crying or whining when they are hungry or need your attention even if they stopped crying at night and nap time. Sleep training does the opposite of making your child feel abandoned – it instills healthy and safe boundaries while increasing the quality of sleep for both parents and children.

I think my baby might just be too stubborn for this. What do I do?

I have had many high needs babies, and I can assure you that the outcome is positive! Moreover, this might just be the best choice you make for your child as they are easily stimulated and very perceptive. You might even notice that once they hit their sleep targets, you will see less of the clingy and cranky behavior that you see now and more of the calmer, happier behavior.

How long does the process take?

It really depends on the type of program you choose, but typically it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 nights to see drastic improvements. It is all about consistency and believing in yourself and your child.

Why should you grab The Bear Essentials Course right now?

So many of the mamas who work with me to get healthier sleep for themselves and their babies wish they would have done it sooner. They’re amazed that it can take just two weeks (but usually just a couple days!) to start sleeping through the night and begin developing a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. 

We guarantee that the information in the course will be age appropriate, safe for your babies and tots, and 100% backed by science.

You’re ready for this, Mama!

When I finally took the next step to teach my baby healthy sleep habits, I was all alone in my beliefs. 

I knew that babies could sleep through the night. I knew that I was exhausted and couldn’t go another sleep-deprived day. I knew that I loved my family and respected their opinions and beliefs about what my life should look like.  

But this was MY sleep we were talking about and MY baby’s well-being I had to consider. Sleep training was the ONLY option that promised uninterrupted, sound sleep night after night for my whole family. 

In just a couple nights, I had my bed back. I was happy again. I could think clearly. I felt like a human being with a happy, healthy baby—not a sleep-deprived, foggy headed, tired mama.  

My whole family noticed the difference and came over to my way of thinking. 

The Bear Necessities is a safe, healthy, humane, science-based solution to better sleep. 

It’s my ticket to enjoying motherhood. 

And you CAN do it too.