Traveling with an infant may sound adorable and exciting. But it does have its challenges, especially if your little one is a bad sleeper. 

With baby not drifting off to sleep and crying at the top of his voice, the travel becomes more of a torture than a sweet escape.

However, with adequate preparation and careful planning, traveling with your baby can be a wonderful experience. You can be the happiest on the move with your little one by simply implementing some of the tips and tricks I’ll mention below. 

Let’s begin!

What Should I Bring with Me?

Before you get on that flight, it’s important to know that you have packed right. This ensures that you have the essentials, like diapers, at hand, so you don’t have to unpack your suitcase only to get the diapers for emergencies. 

While traveling with an infant means that you have to pack for two, you can travel light without much hassle by simply packing smart.

Here’s how you can pack smart while traveling with an infant.

Pack Light

You don’t need all your baby’s toys, strollers, and clothes. Don’t have a “just in case” scenario in mind. And the same goes for you. Try to pack only the essentials, especially if it’s a short trip.


It would help if you had enough diapers in your bag to last for the journey. However, you don’t need a suitcase full of diapers that can last you for the entire trip. You can always buy them on the go from various shops on the way. 

Baby’s Identification

If you’re traveling with an infant, make sure you have some identification for her. A passport, birth certificate, or immunization records will do for lap babies under two years old. You don’t need to buy an airline ticket if you’re traveling with one lap baby.

traveling with an infant tips

How Do I Make Sure My Baby Sleeps Properly While Traveling?

The crankiness kicks in when she is not able to sleep even though she is tired. This is where the real challenge begins for you- to help your little one drift off to dreamland. Here’s what you can do to ensure your baby sleeps well while on the move. 


New sounds and loud noises while traveling can be quite frightening to your little one.

This can make her nervous and uneasy to sleep well. The situation gets worse if your baby is traveling for the first time or is not used to traveling. 

One way of reducing those sounds is by covering your baby’s ears with earmuffs. Earmuffs are extremely handy while traveling with an infant. You can use comfortable earmuffs to keep your baby’s ears covered and help them fall asleep faster.

Keep a Toy at Hand

It is difficult to make the baby fall asleep when there are plenty of distractions around. From the non-sleep-conducive lights and new sounds to continuous movements, your little one may get fascinated by the new things in her surroundings. This can prevent her from enjoying a refreshing sleep. 

The best way to get her distracted is to give her the toy she loves to play with the most. This ensures that your baby will be busy playing and not focusing on the distractions in the plane.

Smell to Sleep

Did you know that babies rely on smells to feel familiar with their surroundings? If their seat smells like the most comfortable crib they sleep in, it’ll be easier for them to feel more comfortable and sleep better. 

You cannot, of course, make use of the crib on the move. You can instead bring the sheet laid on the crib. The familiar smell will instill a sense of comfort in the little one, making her fall asleep soon. 

What Else Should I Keep in Mind While Traveling With An Infant?

Like it or not, there will always be a few hiccups on every trip, no matter how well planned. And when there’s a baby in the equation, it gets a tad bit more difficult.

Here are a few extra tips for you:

Get a Baby Carrier

If you have a choice between using a stroller or wearing your baby, pick the second option every time. You will not only feel a sense of security in knowing that she’s safe, but it will also help her sleep better.

Let Sleep Pattern Decide the Flight

Do you have the option to be flexible in your flight bookings? Try to book the flight at a time when you know your child will be asleep. It would be easier for you as well as your little one (and for your fellow passengers) if the baby sleeps throughout the flight. 

What’s even better is the fact that with the help of some strategies, you can make your baby’s naps last longer. You can always refer to your baby’s sleeping chart to strike the right balance between awake and sleep. This ensures that the baby doesn’t get fussy by bypassing the ideal nap time. 

Forward is Better

Try to get a seat in the front of the plane to help your baby sleep easily. Back seats are the noisiest, so try to avoid them if you can. Moreover, it’s just easier to board and de-board when you’re in front of the plane. 

toddler lying on person's body while riding on white boat

The Bottom Line

You have probably heard hundreds of stories about how difficult traveling with an infant is. But if you apply the tips mentioned above, traveling with your little one can become more enjoyable and an unforgettable bonding experience. We hope you have a pleasant trip. 

Happy travels!